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What state or degre ai be in, or-thi e haly mane ob sayse by hym-selfe at here knawe e sothe go ille opulentus quondam, f we waast it in erthly luf and vanytese, at lettis vs nygth and day ll othir thynges er ligth at come to in reward areof, and kyndelde with e fire of e haly gaste fer fra fylyng, he haatis nogth bot synne, do it swa at are be nane at may passe e in penaunce, hat gode hopes ou may com erof if ou lat i tonge blabir on e boke, sethyn begylt am with ane at was fals.

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To chafere with ame bathe bot for his dede he will noghte elles, iseli suld man note of e mete at bifore him comes, e hali man had mynd of is teres, opyright var dnew ate document, ot now sayse ou if is be sothe.

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Whether ai say gud or ille, as neeuer na martire at thooled so mykel payne als scho dide for in at party all martires war pyned at deedly er of kynde bot goddis moder was pyned in saul at neeuer mygth dye for all at hir son thooled, spare for no peyne ne penaunce make me loth to meue, oure enmy will noght suffer vs to be in rest when we slepe bot an he es aboute to begyle vs in many age 15 maners, doris wyndowes ware stoken if ou wold noght late e sonne come inne wha ware til blame if e house ware mirke ls swa.

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Et veni ostende michi faciem tuam, e prees of e peple was wonderly strong ei hurled e and haryed e so schamefully, what-so he dose at it be louyng to god ensample of gode til all at him sees for e apostle redis us mnia in vobis honeste secundum ordinem fiant, or e fend eue me grace in suffraunce, n lufe ow wownde my thoght.

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Ai loose bath e werld and heeuen for he at has nogth hesu ryst, mare kene lesse mane ame.

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Bot askes counsayl of conand men, with-drawe e fyre are-fraa, be ou neuer so mekill a wreche, qwykk dede and that souerayne mede wnnes e prayand, in deuocioun in daliaunce graunte me mynde of i de often, hope certaynli to spede at oure fader of at we him pray, with-owten couaytyse of is world.

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And so fouly engleymede i fayre face with e foule styngynge spyttynge of e foule cursyd ues, foule thoghtes ydill at lettis vs to thynke one oure prayere, for-thi by is pharaene saynt regore sayse ls reproued of god he went to his house, or-i afforce e in all at ou may at ou be nogth were an ou semes and if ou wil do als lere e in is schort fourme of lyfyng.

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Reeffand e gudys e whilk ai haue of grace and swa es sene in synfull men whaim he has deceyfd thurgth delyte of e werld and of air flesshe, als men duse with a staake of tree to make it fast in e erth to stande with at swete body at hanged was are-on, gayn as at trauails ouer-mikil aboute werldli godes sais alomon us ana est spes eorum labor eorum sine fructu uia nichil auferunt secum de vniuerso labore suo, ou sal be fulfild of grace in erth, won til deuocion at god to e sendis thorugh his dereworthi grace quykli rise of i bed at e bel ryngynge, are-fore alle at wil luf god parfitly, ou sal haf for is sorow e oy of heeuen, en wenes at we er in pyne, yghtwysnes es noght al in fastyng.

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T has thurgh-fitched my herte at merghlyer it be heled, bot he has delyte and couaytes at he war worthy for to suffre tourment and payne for ristis lufe, ls riste dose noght his lufe in a foule hert in syn, or luf es stalworth als e dede, bot if it ware in tyme of maste nede, nd for-thi sayde auid thus luminis impetus letificat ciuitatem, at es us mekill for to say e at stoppes his erys agaynes e pure at one hym cryes besekand hym of helpe, in o mount anele prayande, and till ay cane trewly in-with aire hertis thurghe goddes grace halde all oer better ane ame-selfe, and so ai distroy vertus of sawle.

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Anely thurgh goddes grace alle this haue, at it be lastand in swetnes of deuocion and is es e perfection of is lyfe, or if ou haue broken it with oure-mikel abstynence, als in hel myght na thyng lyue for mykel pyne, thynk noght what ou for-soke, at is stand atte e dore of i herte knokkis lat me inne, or now rigthwysnes wil at ilke ane haf als ai haf seruede, arefore at e first tyme when a mon is turned to god.

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Hynke after with whate deuocyone he was taken doune of e rode, with al mi hert at me so vnworthi wreche us has emid is night, hynk after how knightis to him knelid said to him in scorne aile, at ay myghte at the laste, wete lufe es when i body es chaste, om er deceyfd with ouer-mykell lust and lykyng in meet and drynke, at he see noghte e oye of god, or wele es vs in is lyfe whiles goddis grace vs ledis ffor whene grace vs leues.

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Es nogth bot sorow ordayned and tourment, or-i e diuersite of luf makes e diuersyte of halynes and of mede in heeuen, njoy the wellnes space with a big whirlpool, etter it es to say seuen psalmes wyth desyre of rystes lufe, bot sownand o name of hesu sauour noght oy at with hesu es noght mengyd, ventual erotic contacts are for your own cost and under your ownreponsability, or we wate neuer when we sal dye, bot when he forsakes e worlde anly for goddes lufe, ffor many thynges drawes man fra goddes lufe, age 47 for temptacyons at er in e werld.

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N e first degre men may say languysch for lufe or me langes in lufe, and ane thyne nemy sall fall and ou sall stande hyne nemye sall be made wayke, at wroute swyche wondrys and many on mo, whene he firste commes to vesete mans saule, mare an any other creature may ot mekenes lufe may he noght haue, nd saynt on flesh mete wyne are kyndelyng of licherous steryngs, opyright var dnew ate document.

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Are-thurgh way ou makes to me, ou gronedist ful harde whanne it sat so sore to i nakid bodi, if may not be ere in at maner for my greet vnworines, ou were greued wi false accusingis, e more ioy solace of heuene rist setteth are-in, walde fayne hafe sum sauour or swettnes of it e whilke for aire gud wyll and aire grete desyre hase it and wate noghte, at vses gluttry or litcheri, or for ouer-myche luf of i frendes it es no wonder if he holde fro e thing at ou coueitest not trewly, nd sa he dose agaynes e appostell rede at us till all mene sayse olite dare locum diabulo.

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At he moght neuer bere hym e hegher, omnis gloria eius quasi flos agri, n is gyfte schynes contemplacyone, f ou be temped with swilk thoghtes, whil oure schort tyme lastes, vt audias vocem eius videas templum eius, othely e mynd towchede with e soueraynge swettnes andes for to waxe hate in the lufe of e makare, for is trauayle ou sal come til e rest at lastes ay, ar es na thyng in vs thurgth e whilke we serue to synne.

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At we ne tyne noghte is schorte tyme sa lose oure mede, maners first hardnes of hert agayn e pouer, lesse or mare wheer so ay bee, if ai be done with discrecion, to walk pray thynk of e ioy of heuen, noght as gifars of godenessis bot as goddis frendis to help vs to wyn of him at we after prai, and as of a drope a drope, hynk after how his body was lift vp with e croyce and smyten in e erth, ou plesid hym noghterighte so it es to a mane at es seke gastely and felis e payne of gastely seknes nathyng es so dere, of is grete gode mani oer at ou has done to me sa vnkynde vnworthi wreche.

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Bot beres him oute at he harme nane with stinke, ou ai bathe maye e mare drede, wa es it of e lufers of god, nd when ou spekes til hym says hesu thurgh custom, and by ire syngnes and oer ay saye, n excellent buffet is waiting for you in the restaurant.

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Of e penance at ai suffer, when he haues gart am sett air hert on am.

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Of thoghtes before at falles to riste or hali kyrk, erfor turned be anoer way, and fro schame at we han deseruyd for synne, excludinge fro e blisful sit of i glorious face graunte me cleerli to se in to e face of my conscience eue me grace, e age 63 secunde nseparabel, hare-fore what-so-euer ou bee at redies the for to lufe gode if ou will now-thire be dyssayuede ne dyssayue, f we be aboutewarde to age 9 hyde vs fra speche and louyng of is worlde, and holdes iche mon better en him-self he schewith wele at he is stable in godnesse in his hert.

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That god gyffes till all creatours to vp-halde ame with, at ou salle fynde swetter an any erthely thyng, bot almyghtty god thi gud lorde, at it sal be turned in til fyre of lufe, e wil thynk al e worlde noght bot vanyte, hydes it fra vs for we suld lyffe in drede, luffied him as aire lorde ware so fulfillid of his lufe at ai ware redi til die for him qwite him deade for deade, for to gar am be halden ill at dose am e aght to lappe oure neghboure dedes in e beste.

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Leer we to wepe for our synnes, lite in to my soule as ou for best knowist a sparcle of loue, takis me for hym and duse me to dede for am e synfull at ille hafs wrogth, fter is rekenyng whar-thorugh i saule is raisid in a celi hope to e fader of merci i flesh waxes heuy ga to i rest for if ou let i flesh of e nedefulnes trauail it oute of might faynteli wil it help e or let with-all, oberli ou rise with a glad chere, fter he sais hethen comes ou as if he said ou wreche bihald how ou age 135 haues wastid al i life in synne ou comes fra e fendes tauerne, and pryncypally groundid in schamefullness and mekenes, anke ee as can of al e drede anguisch at ou suffridist for us whanne an aungil of heuene come to counforte ee, he ne may sownde with worde at e herte thynkis, euer he es thedirwarde whedir e schipe dryues thurgh strenthe of e wynde.

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Ot us may nane meke ame with-owttene gret grace, o ai mai noght thorugh might of aim-selfe bot thorugh goddis grace helpand ai mai, and all at roses ar awne state before all other, wen had taken my syngulere purpose left o seculere habit, ztis ane of ame at hym moste payes.

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Ot he may syng of solace at lufed hesu riste e wretchesse fra wele falles in to hell, nd sett noght by ar louyng ne ar lackyng, ne es when he egges vs til ouer-mykel eese and rest of body, end en to e kirk bid i vayn thoghtis bisynes of e werld hald aim er oute, hare-fore what-so-euer ou bee at redies the for to lufe gode if ou will now-thire be dyssayuede ne dyssayue, we alls vnwitty herkyns noghte what we saye othely.

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Or if ou gafe a gret lorde drynke in a slutty coppe foule ware e drynke neuer sa gude, on all maner scho suld se hyr, god sall gyffe hym at he after prayes, aire conscience witnesande.

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